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Hello my name is Timothy,
I'm the founder as well as the lead paranormal investigator of the Wayland Supernatural Society. It all started on November 1 2016.  We as a team have been to many haunted places in and around the New York area. We have investigated The Haunted Hinsdale House in Hinsdale, NY, Wildwood Sanitarium in Salamanca, NY, Avon Inn, in Avon, NY, and United Methodist Church in Livonia, NY.  My team also investigated a lot of other places.  My team has experience and they love to investigate new places
About Me, I brought my firsthand knowledge of the paranormal to the public because as a child I experienced paranormal phenomenon that I could not explain. Everything between nightmares, electronic disruptions to unexplainable sounds and even witnessing shadow figures at night.  As I grew older, I could not explain what I was seeing as a child.   I discovered the Sci-Fi Channel show: "Ghost Hunters" and I started reading many books on the paranormal.  So, I went ahead by purchasing new equipment and researching all the best techniques.  I stated doing investigations in October 2015.  I've captured undeniable evidence proving my experiences were true. To this day I'm still in my childhood home and I still relive all of the same things I did when I was younger.  I'm always learning something new and evolving as a paranormal investigator. 
We as a team would love to investigate new and exciting places.  If you have any questions about the paranormal, or find yourself needing help, please never hesitate to get into contact with me!  Please stay safe and always remember we are here to help you.

Crawl Space Shadow

Wayland Supernatural Society

Wayland Supernatural Society got this picture at the Haunted Hinsdale House in the crawl space. This was at one of our public hunts at the Campout. When everyone went outside by the campfire, I was alone in the house. There was a lot of energy that afternoon. Alone in the house with that energy was different that day. I've decided to take some pictures in the crawl space and that's when I got this picture.

Marrys Room Shadow

Wayland Supernatural Society

Wayland Supernatural Society was at the Haunted Hinsdale House upstairs by Marrys room. This was on my verry first Paranormal hunt at a public event with a friend pf mine. I had a Samsung Galaxy cellphone with me and decided to take some pictures. I've had this picture for 2 years before I decided to post it to the public, I never post anything fake without analyzing anything.

Hinsdale House Shadow

This picture was at the Haunted Hinsdale House upstairs at a public event. Someone used an app and the app said help. As you can see someone was on the left but, as soon it said help you can see on the right there was a shadow was walking fast and you can hear the boots as well. This was one of our greatest catches.

Hinsdale House Orb

I got this picture at the Haunted Hinsdale House with psychic medium Chis Moon. As I recorded the video as soon as a friend of mine said that question. Here you can see an orb coming out from the box. 

Yes And No Questions


Haunted Hinsdale House July 22nd 2017. We were upstairs by Marry and Laura rooms. A friend of mine who joined us on this investigation. She asks the grumpy old man do you like yes and no questions better. We got the answer right away. He said yes and no questions.

Get The F Out


Haunted Hinsdale House July 22nd 2017. Our team was in the kitchen. A friend of mine ask a question to the grumpy old man. The grumpy old man said to get the f*** out. That night of the investigation, we got yelled at cussing at us and everything.

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