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The Team

The WSS is a real professional paranormal team uses all available resources to come up with real answers for unexplained or activity to help others in need


Paranormal activity has been around for centuries and will continue to be around. Not everyone believes in paranormal activity, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something going on. We prove with real legit 100% of paranormal evidence


We help people all over New York help them in need removing spirits from the home Our service is 100% free and we never charge you for anything.

Our Story

We investigate all items belonging to the global phenomenon of highly strange and foreign experiences which carry many implications of the existence of intelligence other than our own.

About The Leader

Hello my name is Timothy and im the founder as well as the lead paranormal investigator of the Wayland Supernatural Society! I began this group with the idea of bringing my first hand knowledge of the paranormal to the public. As a child I experienced paranormal phenomenon that I couldn't explain. Everything between nightmares and electronic disruptions to unexplainable sounds and even witnessing shadow figures at night.

As I grew older I couldn't explain what I was seeing, until I discovered the Sci-Fi Channel show Ghost Hunters. Now equipped with new knowledge and an interest in the paranormal I wanted to learn more. So I did. By purchasing new equipment, researching all the best techniques, and traveling to New York's paranormal hot spots, I've captured undeniable evidence proving my experiences were true. To this day I'm still in my childhood home and I still relive all of the same things I did when I was younger. However, I'm ever learning something new and always evolving.

You see, I've learned that I also experience Parapsychology Phenomena. This means that I'm able to sense spirits, or see small glimpses of the future as I'm sleeping. I've always had these visions but as I grew older and gained more knowledge I was able to identify it. If you have any questions about the paranormal, or find yourself needing help, please never hesitate to get into contact with me! Please stay safe and always remember, STAY SCARY!

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Hinsdale House Orb

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Hinsdale House

You might never guess that a decrepit farm house tucked away in the idyllic woods of Hinsdale, New York has become known as one of the most notoriously violent haunted locations in the country, with a history of ghostly manifestations, levitating objects, and even exorcism, the Hinsdale House might just be the most haunted building in the state.It was at this point that an exorcist named Father Alphonsus, a priest from St. Bonaventure University, was called in to exorcise the home while the family and a team paranormal researchers were present. According to the eyewitnesses, the paranormal activity became the strongest it had ever been. Lights in the house were turning on and off, unexplainable banging filtered through the walls, and a terrible sense of an evil presence drifted through the home. Unfortunately, the exorcism didn’t work, and after a few days of calm in the house, the activity ramped up again, finally forcing the Dandy family to move.

Wildwood Sanitarium

The Wildwood Sanitarium was officially opened in 1906 as a Sanitarium and Bath House. It was a holistic healing center and the only one of its kind in NYS at the time it opened. Dr. Henderson and Dr. Perry specialized in Osteopathy Therapy and also welcomed in patients seeking a cure for alcoholism, drug addiction, all all conditions except infectious and contagious diseases. Offering each patient individual attention and offered a bath house in the basement. Later, it became a Tuberculosis Clinic in 1923, then owned by several different families and later opened as apartments. Over the years it has been known to have paranormal activity including shadow figures, orbs, Electronic Voice Phenomenon and people have reported being touched or pushed.
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